Australian Immigration

Brains Group of companies is a leading migration advice firm with offices both nationally and Internationally. We provide advice on all aspects of migration law and regulations. Our service is tailored to suit your particular needs based on an assessment of your immigration history, current circumstances and future goals. We listen to your needs and support you by advocating for your best interests and desires throughout the immigration process. We work closely with you to achieve your desired goal.

Brains Group of companies has an ongoing commitment to strong growth by continually expanding our communication and location network. We are continually looking for expansion opportunities Nationally and Internationally with Recruitment Agencies, Migration and Education Agents. Then Our Office Deals in the following Visa Catagories:

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Thanks , got my Business visa for UK approved! I would be flying next week to UK. Once again many many thanks for the visa and handling the case with expertise.

Kiran Kumar

Canadian Immigration

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments are constantly introducing new laws and programs to ensure successful resettlement for the immigrants. There are numerous options under which you may reach and settle in the Maple Country Canada.

The most popular being Skilled Worker Class under Federal, PNP Programs, Business and Student Visa, Brains Group of Companies) assist you in choosing the best option for Canada Immigration.

Canada has evolved into a world class education destination for students aspiring for quality education in North America and it is not hard to see why. Canadian degrees/ diplomas are internationally renowned and is among one of the most sought-after in the world. Albeit all this, the tuition fees in Canadian College/University are among the lowest in the English speaking world.

Hungary Immigration

With 12 years’ experience, we specialize in offering clients of all nationalities a comprehensive range of Hungarian residency and immigration options – incl. residency through business ownership, investment into Hungarian government bonds, work permits and employment-related paperwork, family unification, and citizenship application.

Hungary offers temporary and permanent residence permits to business owners who take an active role in their company as directors. To start the business immigration procedure, we need to set up a Hungarian company, prepare a business plan, and ensure that all requirements for the company’s successful operation are met. Once the director has his permit, the spouse and children can also apply for family unification. This program is available to all nationalities.

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