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CEO Message

Sardar Asad Khaliq Khan
Chief Executive


We have encountered a significant change in the economic scenario of our country. It has formed a number of hurdles in achieving the goals surrounding a bright future. The shattered roots of the politics as well as economy of the state have left individuals hopeless. In order to show the nation new pathways, we have been providing our consultancy services since more than a decade. Moreover, the rise of pandemic in the covid stricken world has deprived people of earning opportunities, in the past few years. Pakistan being an underdeveloped country has encountered a brain drain due to loss of jobs. Individuals tend to move abroad for the sake of a secure and fruitful future. The economic and political stability in the host countries plays a noteworthy role in swaying immigration decisions. For the sake of helping you tackle the economic disruption in the country, we have undertaken the responsibility of providing our services for the achievement of your immigration oriented goals. Our aim is to teach and embody the skills required to open the door of success for an elevated career in high school, college and professional realm.  Brains Educational and Immigration Consultancy’s mission is to give a multi-faceted approach in supporting our business clients with the team of expert teachers. We guide and help our clients in building up a career as we believe in empowering the learners to discover professional paths in their selected fields of study. My vision as company’s CEO is to take Brains Educational and Immigration Consultancy to the next level, as our mission is to assist clients in attaining their future dreams by giving best quality and value-oriented immigration arrangements, in a domain which endorses magnificence, integrity, service and community. Brains seeks to ensure the success of our clients by helping them in their immigration needs, enabling them to rejoin with their relatives and set the best proficient goal; for their aptitudes. We offer the immigration arrangements, our clients just need to move fearlessly through immigration, anywhere in the world.

Ali Imran Awan

BRAINS Immigration and Educational Consultant.

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