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Montessori Course

Would you like an education environment where you going to love the learning, where your autonomy and interest are empowered? Brains Educational Network Offering Montessori teacher training, parent training, proceeding with education seminars and workshops, and professional development in the Rawalpindi

Get Training to become a Certified Montessori Educator

Accumulating with early childhood schooling we also certify teachers in the Montessori philosophy. Our classes are held during the year on different week-days. Brains Educational Network offers Montessori certificates and diplomas of 1 year. After completion of 1 year diploma you can easily get job at any preschools. The motivation behind the course is to familiarize and train educators, Parents, guardians and teachers in the Montessori Method of early childhood training. The course will give understanding into the theory behind the strategy, learn to use of special material uniquely. Montessori, supply ideas and aptitudes that can be converted into actions instantly in both the home and the classroom, and show the system for making one's own materials in the way of Montessori. The course guides itself basically to the teaching of children 2½ through 6 years old, however the aptitudes and rationality can be connected to older kids’ too. Calligraphy Courses (Urdu/ English)

Learn the art of calligraphy from Brain Educational Network. This four-week course is ideal for beginners, including sufficient warm up practices that will enable you to see how to hold the pen and control the flow of ink onto the page. From that point, you'll figure out how to frame upper and lowercase letters in trendy style, and how to connect them to make wonderful words and phrases. Before the finish of this course, you will be prepared to apply calligraphy to anything possible, from a basic address on an envelope to amazing wedding invitations.


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