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Spoken English

Brains educational network gives internationally certified spoken English courses in Rawalpindi. In today's age having the skill to communicate in English is significant for both social and profession success. Figure out how to speak confidently and effectively to anybody, taught by our foreign trained faculty. Experience our developmental teaching procedures for the first time in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). No exhausting lectures, our every classes is interactive and participation, group discussion, friendly and motivated environment

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Course Objectives:

  • Strengthen the language skills in order for the students to understand the basic language structure and effectively use it while receiving and producing vocabulary in different contexts/situations.
  • Enhance the development of all the four language skills that is, reading, writing, listening and speaking for empowering students to learn speaking skills by practicing grammar and language efficiently.
  • Introducing students to some of the best writers of literature; helping the learners understand the process of using ‘vocabulary’ and ‘sentence formation’ while writing and speaking.
  • Speaking practice through listening audios and watching videos from the resources of British Council, Cambridge and BBC; as the learners become familiar with variety of topics, pronunciation, fluency and expression of speech.

Course Content

  • Parts of Speech
  • Basic Grammar
  • Tenses
  • Practice through worksheets and from the resources of British Council, Cambridge and BBC.
  • Understanding grammar and tenses through reading.
  • Sentence Formation
  • Writing exercises/assignments
  • Listening exercises/activities
    - One to one and group speaking practice on variety of topics.
    - Feedback is given by the teacher individually to the students, on both writing assignments and speaking activities.

Ali Imran Awan

BRAINS Immigration and Educational Consultant.

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